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"Lost rails": route 43 of Budapest II.
With photos from Friedrich Haselberger, Heinz Heider, Tim Boric, Rudolf Lakos, Gábor Szelényi and others

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Next stop was Budatétény kultúrpark (sometimes referred to as Budatétény), which was also the terminus of sub-route 43A.

Photo: Friedrich Haselberger

A lot has changed here, too!

Photo: Friedrich Haselberger

The "thousender" on the picture to the left approaches the stop. In the background you can see Budatétény Cultural Center beeing built - on the picture to the right the Center can only hardly be seen. This was a deserted land until the late nineties, when the "Campona" mall was built. They also wanted to resurrect route 43 as a traffic link to the city for this shopping center, but then it turned out to be too expensive...

Photo: Friedrich Haselberger

Looking southwards we can see the blockhouse. This is where the one-track section started.

Photo: Gábor Szelényi

The track headed to an underpass at Növény utca afterwards...

Photo: Rudolf Lakos

... under the tracks of the hungarian railways to the stop Őrház.

Photo: Heinz Heider

There's only scrubs where the tram once went. This "track-in-the-green" section was not long: the rails got back to Nagytétényi út after a few hundred meters.

Next stop: Baross Gábor telep.

Photo: Rudolf LakosPhoto: Gábor Szelényi

This stop is located near to a housing estate, but also to some industrial establishments like the Hungária Plastic Plant, which had a side-track and a loading platform. Traces of the loading platform can still be seen today, even after the place has been filled up with soil. The bridge in the background of the new photo is a flyover of the M0 motorway.

To the left: the rim of the loading platform has been strengthened by a piece of rail. To the right: remains of tourniquet...

Photo: Friedrich Haselberger

... which can be seen in the left lower corner of the old photo.

Photo: Friedrich HaselbergerPhoto: Friedrich Haselberger

This was the only by-pass between Budatétény Kultúrpark and the terminus. Originally there was another about a kilometer away, but they didn't use it after the line was cut back to Varga Jenő tér.

More lost rails. There are less of them every year, as they re-pave the streets!

Next stop: Diósárok (Bartók Béla út) with the unused by-pass.

You can see the location of the tracks and also some rails.

Photo: Gábor Szelényi

Diósárok creek.

The little bridge over the creek for the tram is still there! To the right: more lost rails...

Photo: Gábor Szelényi

And now we're almost at the end of the route! The track passing by the cinema Tétény, which is also closed now. This place has changed for the worse I think!

Photo: Tim Boric

Contrary to the case with the cinema, not much has changed in the last bend: the pub at the corner is still there!

Photo: Heinz Heider

The end of the line: Nagytétény. The tram had a one-track terminus...

... but originally the HÉV had a more complex one, with two tracks!

Photo: Gábor Szelényi

The HÉV has also went a couple hundred meters further (remember, they operated long trains!), but the place was found to be too narrow for 1963 standards, so they cut back the only remaining track a little bit. The picture to the left was taken in 1953 and shows a bus on line 3, while the other was taken in 2000 and shows a bus on line 3. Looks like buses are the ultimate winner in Budapest :(

Photo: Heinz Heider

... but for us tram fans in Budapest the late route 43 remains something to be remembered.

I'd like to thank Csaba Adamecz, Zoltán Ádám Németh and Mr.Cyber!

© Ákos Endre VARGA, unless stated otherwise. All rights reserved.

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