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Teletype consoles, printers:

ASR33: Automatic Send and Receive. "The" classic teletype, with upper-case only. Printing speed was 10 cps due to the fact, that it was almost fully mechanical. Data speed was 110 bps (it required two stop-bits, so each char takes 11 bits on the line). It could have an optional papertape reader/puncher on the left side.
ASR38: The lower/upper-case version of the ASR33
LA30 DECwriter: 30 cps matrix-consoleprinter
LA36 DecWriter II: 9-pin matrix-consoleprinter. It came in receive/send and receive-only versions. Speeds: 30 cps/300 bps.
LA100 LetterWriter: 240 cps in draft-mode, 30 cps in high quality. 2 built-in fontset, graphics.
LA120 DecWriter III: 180 cps printer, 75-9600 bps data
LP11: high-speed lineprinter, 1100 line/min
LS11: normal lineprinter, 60 line/min
LV11: high-speed printer/plotter, 122880 dots/min

CRT terminals:

VT05: One of DEC's first CRT-terminals, with a futuristic housing.
VT52: A classic video-terminal, with cursor-, numeric and function keys.
VT55: A VT52 with built-in graphics printer
VT62: A VT52 with reverse video
VT100: Another "the". It became a de facto standard. 24x80 or 14x132 characters, detachable 83-key keyboard.
VT103: A VT100 with LSI-backplane in the box.
VT125: A VT100 with graphical capabilities.
VT220: A CRT-terminal with 12" screen, and VT52/100 emulation. 80x24 or132x24 char resolutions, 105 keys, 75-19200bps, printerport.
VT240: 12" monochrome graphical terminal, with a resolution of 800x240.
VT241: 13" color version of the 240

Card readers/punchers:

CR11: It could read 80 column cards at 300/minute speed
CD11: high-speed (1200 cards/min) card reader
PC11/PR11: high-speed papertape reader/puncher, 300 cps reading speed, 50 cps punching

Magnetic tape drives:

TU10: Classic big tape driver, 5-20 MB on 2400 ft 0.5" wide tape
TU55: Designed for the DecTape magnetic media, to store 250K of block information on a 1" tape. These tapes were handled just like a disk drive with a 'normal' file system.
TU56: An enhanced version of the TU55. Another picture
TU58: This drive used the DecTape-II tape cartridge. It could store 256K with 800bpi density. Average access time was 9.3 sec.
TU60 (DECcasette): It was designed to replace papertapes. The tape-media looks like the one used with audio casettes, but it uses a different metal-oxyde.
TU80, TU81, TU81+: Big 9-track tape-drivers for heavy backup duties.

TK50: A driver unit for a 0.5" magnetic media, that could store 96 MB of data.
TK70: The enhanced version of the TK50. It can read TK50 tapes, but can't write on them. The drive is still used in many VAX-systems.


RX01: Dual 8" floppy unit. One disk holds 250K data.
RX02: Successor of the RX01, with double data density.
RX50: 5.25" 0.8 MB
RX33: 5.25" 1.2 MB


RS64: 128 KB fix-headed disk drive, 16 usec/word transfer, 17 ms average access time, 1800 rpm
RS11: 512 KB fix-headed disk drive, 16 usec/word transfer, 17 ms average access time, 1800 rpm
RK03: 2.4M removable disk cartridgedrive, track-to-track seek: 15 ms
RK05: 14" disk cartridge drive, capable of holding 2.5 M data. It was somewhat faster than the RK03
RK06: 14 MB
RK07: 28 MB, disk cartridge drive, 538 KB/s transfer, 49 ms average access time, 6.5 ms track-to-track seek time, 2400 rpm
RL01: 5.2 MB, 512 KB/s transfer, 67.5 ms average access time, 15 ms track-to-track seek time, 2400 rpm
RL02: 10.4 MB disk cartridge drive, the enhanced version of the RL01
RM02: 67MB MASSBUS disk pack drive, 806 KB/s transfers, 42.5 ms average access time, 6 ms track-to-track seek time, 2400 rpm
RM03: 67 MB MASSBUS disk pack drive, 1200 KB/s transfer, 38.3 ms average access time, 6 ms track-to-track seek time , 3600 rpm
RM05: 256 MB MASSBUS disk pack, 1200 KB/s, 31.3 ms average access time, 23 ms average seek time , 6 ms track-to-track seek, 3600 rpm
RP05: 40 MB disk pack, 7.5 usec/word transfer rate, 2400 rpm
RP06: 178 MB disk pack drive, 806 KB/s, 38.3 average access, 30 ms average seek, 10 ms track-to -track seek time, 3600 rpm
RP07: 516 MB HD, 1300 KB/s, 31.3 average access, 23 ms average seek, 5 ms track-to-track seek time, 3633 rpm
RA60: 205 MB SDI HD, 1300 KB/s, 50 ms average access, 41.7 ms average seek, 6.7 track-to-track seek time, 3600 rpm
RA70: 280MB SDI HD with compact 5.25" size, 27 msec acces time, 1.4 BM/sec transfer rate
RA80: 121 MB SDI HD
RM80: 121 MB with MASSBUS interface, 1200 KB/s, 33.3 ms average access, 25 ms average seek, 6 ms track-to-track seek time, 3600 rpm
RA81: 14" 456 MB fixed drive. 36 msec avg. seek time, 2.2 MB/sec, SDI
RA82: 622 MB SDI winchester. The internal drive logic. 32msec, 2.4 MB/sec
RD31: MFM 30 MB 5.25"
RD32: MFM 42 MB 5.25"
RD52: MFM 31 MB 5.25", alias Quantum Q540, Atasi AT3046 or Evotek ET3540
RD53: MFM 71 MB 5.25", alias Micropolis 1325 or 1335
RD54: MFM 159 MB 5.25", aka Maxtor XT 2190