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Tour de Trams IV.
To Switzerland via Linz and Innsbruck

My first tram&train journey this year took place quite early - in the middle of January. With two friends I ventured for the Lausanne cog-wheel metro, which was to be closed just around that time. Of course we stopped here and there on our way :)


I last visited this city at the Danube some one and a half year ago ...

Since then the extension of tram route 2 to the somewhat futuristic "Solar City" was inaugurated...

... just like more and more low-floor tramcars (Bombardier "Flexity Outlook", a.k.a. "Cityrunner")...

... and of course the underground tram...

... with one semi-underground stop...

... at Herz-Jesu-Kirche ...

... and two real subway stations.

The one at (under) the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) has reversing loops for both directions, but right now only route 3 uses one of them.

During our last visit these tracks on the surface were still in use.

The northern ramp of the tunnel.

A nice (triple-articulated) tramcar of the older type...

... and a new one.

The interior of a Cityrunner (please let me use this older name for the type!). Its running comfort felt a rougher and louder than the version used in Graz.

Overlapped (gauntlet) tracks along route 2...

... seen from one direction...

... and the other.

A reversing loop in the inner city, seemingly only used for storing reserve cars.

The interior of a 10-axle tramcar, similar to the one on the previous picture. These vehicles may look old, but they seem to have a chopper control system, at least judging by the noises it has made while accelerating/braking.

This smaller, eight-axle "brother" of the type has already been withdrawn. Too bad, these were nice, too!

Innsbruck, just passing by

Innsbruck is a favorite of mine since I first visited this Alpine town three years ago .

We only stayed for the night...

... and continued our journey as the first rays of sunshine reached the mountain peaks. By the way, this was the first time I saw the square in front of the main railway station with trams - during earlier visits it was still under construction.

And off we went, heading for...

Our next stop: Zürich

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