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100 years of Wiener Linien I.
Viennese tramway saunter

The 2003 "Tramwaytag" was not the only tram-oriented Viennese happening during 2003: since the municipal transportation operator celebrated its 100th anniversary, they staged a tramway parade on the Ring, one of the most illustrious boulevard of the inner city, which was closed for cars for the time of the festivities. I was told by my Viennese friends that the last time a parade of this scale was held was 25 years ago, so I was not the only one looking forward to this day...

Note: although a few buses have appeared during the parade, I won't show them here, mostly because I don't like buses. Sorry :)

G2 2003 from 1906 has started its life as an AW series "excursion tramcar". Its fleet number referred to the current year, while its route number was set to 100, adverting the centenary. In the background: the Parliament and the tower of the City Hall.

WT 53 horse-tram car for summertime operation with almost 2 HPs worth of traction power :)

G 777 + u2 3802. The powered car was built around 1900, the trailer in 1910.

K 2380+s2 1504: the powered car was built in the early 1910's, and it became a classic. The trailer started its life as a horse-tram car.

M 4082+m2 5200 + m3 5412: the ultimative viennese triple-set, with cars built between 1927 and 29.

D1 314 was built out of parts of an 1899 D-series tramcar.

N 2714 + n1 5814 + n1 5786: this train, built for the electrified Stadtbahn in 1925 is the ancestor of the M-train we just saw.

G4 345 was built on parts of a G-series car after the second world war.

A 25 + k5 3984: the motorcar is a KSW (Kriegsstrassenbahn - uniform wartime tramcar) designed and built in Nazi Germany during World War 2. Vienna was one of the few cities outside Germany to recieve such cars - of course Austria was part of Germany that time. The trailer was built on top of an old freight car chassis in the 1930's.

The B-series (displayed here are B 51 + b 1401 + b 1482) was the first newly built tramcars for Vienna after the second World War. Because of the pneumatic sliding doors the type was nick-named "Hisser".

"Grossraumzug" C1 141 +  c1 1241 built after a licence of DÜWAG between 1955 and 57.

Another shot of the same motor+trailer set.

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