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Wandering around in Vienna again

I had to go to Vienna on a business trip, but luckily I also had some free time to take photos of trams in the cold autumn lividity.

Let's start our "virtual walk" at the four-track tram complex at Schwedenplatz!

The subway line U2 was closed due to construction works - there was no substitute service, only the partly parallel running tramlines 1 and 2 came more frequently. The extra cars on these lines were ULF trams.

If you walk down to the quay here, you can take pictures of trams on the bridges over the Danube-canal...

... or even of some subway trains. The line U4 was originally built as an urban railway line with steam traction ("Stadtbahn"), and I guess ventillation windows like these were needed in force on the underground section. The steam engines are long gone now, but the holes in the wall remained.

I already took lots of pictures at the inner-city terminus of the suburban line to Baden (for example here, here, here and here) ...

... but the electronic destination display on this older articulated car was new for me. Appearantly they're getting them retrofitted nowadays.

Type "E" tram on the only line where this older class can be found: route 62 (location: Karlsplatz).

Route D turning from the Ring onto Schwarzenbergplatz.

Tracks on the two sides of the street: this is how the Ring looks.

Another tram D leaving the Ring.

The Stadtpark station of the U4 subway line has changed very little since it was built fot the steam-hauled Stadtbahn system at the end of the 19th century.

A tram set featuring route signs for both line 2 and 43 at Schottenring. No special cause, the driver must have forgotten to check the route number plates...

As I already mentioned, the Ring tram lines were "thickened" by low-floor trams.

Two works cars, probably going from one depot to another. The first towed a lone tram bogie...

... the second seemed to have nothing to do. Maybe they were already on their way back from work.

Route 31 has its terminus right next to the subway station at Schottenring...

... that was turned into one big construction site due to the extension of the line. Cranes, containers, resting booths everywhere!

A peek into a low-floor tramcar through its rear window.

The underground reversing loop at Schottentor.

Route 41's outer terminus at Pötzleinsdorf. This seems to be a well-off area...

.... so it's nice to see that the tram is not only the poor man's transportation means :)

There's a "twist" on route 40 and 41 at Aumannplatz...

... where one can take good photos of these nice trams snaking in the curves.

By the time I arrived back to the corner of Spitalgasse and Währinger Strasse, it was raining cats and dogs...

... but this didn't stop me from taking photos of this busy junction, where routes 5, 33, 37, 38, 40, 41 and 42 meet/diverge. This is like a paradise for tram-freaks, even despite cars getting into the pictures :)

And let's end this page with a picture taken here - with a car getting into the view, just like I said...

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