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The Tatras of Sarajevo

These aren't my photos: the only time I visited the capitol of Bosnia-Herzegowina was in 1987, but I did not take photos then. My ex-girlfriend surprised me with these pictures a couple of years ago. She went there in the winter, and had other things to do, but despite this she was able to capture a few Tatras on film!

I seem to remember this place close to the Bazaar (market) street from my childhood visit, but I don't know the exact location. The tram on the picture is a CKD Tatra K2 6-axle articulated, the most prominent type here.

Part of the original rolling stock was destroyed during the war, they were replaced with cars from other cities of Europe.

Some of these cars had pole current collectors earlier, now they have pantographs.

Unfortunately the pantographs are at the rear end, and this can cause trouble in case of a fire breaks out: the driver cannot pull down the current collector quick enough. Therefore, on some of the cars the pantograph was moved to the first section. On the picture: a colorful tram at the banks of the river Miljacka.

The trams seem to be very colorful, sporting all-over ads.

Another K2.

A K2 in the almost "classic" (for Tatras at least) read-white livery of maybe some czech or german city..?

Another articulated car.

... and another. I believe there are some ex-Vienna trams there too, but my ex haven't seen those.

And a zebra-striped Tatra concludes this page.

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