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Budapest tram snapshots II.
October, November and December, 2003.

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Three UV triple-sets have collided in the Lánchíd (Chain bridge) underpass of route 19 on October 28th. One old lady got injured.

Rescuing the vehicles took hours! This UV set on the picture is crawling up from the underpass on the wrong side after its derailed trailer (middle car would be more proper) was put back to the tracks.

The unpowered 2-axle trailer (middle) cars sustained serious damage.

The front part of this powered car has also deformed a bit...

Route 41 at its recently built terminus between Móricz Zsigmond körtér and Fehérvári út. This badly placed endpoint has induced heavy debates, which in turn led to...

... the extension of route 41 to Batthyány tér.

The line now runs between Kamaraerdei Ifjúsági Park (or Kamaraerdő for short) and Batthyány tér, making it quite a long service (43 minutes).


A few pictures from the first day, 01.11.2003.

Szent Gellért tér, note the provisional schedule table next to the tram stop signs. The Urban Operations Comitee ruled for the extension only a few days before the proposed start, so there was not enough time to make proper signs for the new stops of the service.

Batthyány tér, terminus of route 19 for the last few  years, had had to be furbished...

... so the second stub track could be taken in regular use again. Originally of course this was also the terminus of route 9, closed exactly 17 years ago!

Graffity-poluted UV on the second track.

Another UV set with Margit híd (Margarite bridge) in the background.

Pictures of a magic morning with some crazily seething fog making whole bridges disappear!

"The bridge to nowhere" (used to be Szabadság híd)

T5C5 set on route 118 (morning peak-hour service of route 18) at the feet of the St. Gellért Hill (Gellérthegy).

Erzsébet híd (Elisabeth bridge) peaking out of the haze.

Autumn colors along Gróza Péter rakpart.

Misty twilight...

... and sparking sunshine alternating from one minute to another! (Lánchíd underpass)

Bem rakpart.

UV triple-set (motor+middle car+motor) coming out of the underpass, with the Buda Castle in the background.

I don't think I can get used to this: heaps of buses in the middle of Batthyány tér. Is this really how a historical downtown area should look like?

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