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    Budapest tram snapshots May-August 2006 part 1

    We had a number of possible "to be seen for the last time" events this summer.

    For example route 47 was operated with UV triple-sets probably for the last time on the Pest side. This service was namely cut because of construction works for the new metro line M4 in Fehérvári út, and is no longer working the Small Boulevard.

    Of course plans foresee the service relaunched here later, but the UVs will possibly be gone by then. Unless of course the construction schedule for the metro changes.

    Of course route 49 still cater the Small Boulevard.

    Too bad one cannot really take pictures here without cars getting into the picture!

    A bit of trivia: route 49 was the first line where they tried UV motorcars with an intermediate trailer. That was in 1957 - and 49 years later, the service still operates with the same formation!

    Tracks here are in a quite bad condition, as you can see it here. It hasn't been properly mended because of the upcoming metro construction works, which will have this street torn up at several places. Originally the tram was even to be abandoned here after the new metro line is complete. Now they say they will keep it, and even re-extend the line to Nyugati tér via Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út. We shall see - Budapest has a long record of tram lines closed because of metro lines :(

    The stop at Fővám tér, with the Central Market Hall in the background.

    A tram leaving the Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd).

    This bridge is also to be renovated soon, which might be just another blow for the Small Boulevard tram lines. Although they say the renovation is in favour of the tram.

    But honestly: how can anyone imagine this bridge without trams?

    Or even without the UVs? :)

    Sorry for being sentimental, but this is one of my favorite tram places.

    A tram 49 arriving to Szent Gellért tér.

    Behind the tram you can make out one of the construction sites for the new metro line.

    Tram 47 with the Cave Chapel in the background. That used to be a real cave, then it was masoned during the communist regime. Afterwards it was opened again.

    Let's switch to another location: route 1, where not only trams of route 1 can be spotted. For example this is a 2A on a depot ride.

    Another guest: a tram 37 reversing on the switches at Stadionok.

    Another depot ride along route 1: tram 24 at Népliget.

    This is even more special: ...

    ... a transport of a single Tatra T5C5 tramcar to the Angyalföld depot.

    A test ride of a Ganz articulated car (possibly after a repair), again at Népliget.

    Combino Budapest number 2005 on one of its test rides.

    This tram 2 is on the way to remise Hungária to get cleaned: its home depot Ferencváros does not have a wash apparatus.

    Just for the fun of it: a normal tram 1 at the same location.

    Tram 37 in Népszínház utca.

    This is another location where depot rides are no speciality: a tram "4-6" (a short working of route 4 and 6 due to maintenance works) on its way to the Grand Boulevard.

    Full house: the terminus of route 4 and 6 at Moszkva tér...

    ... and the terminus of route 56 only about hundred meters away.

    Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor in shady...

    ... and sunny weather.

    The bend after Szent János kórház.

    Route 56 between Budagyöngye and Szent János kórház.

    Next page: more changes and still lifes

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