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Budapest trams and the winter of 2009-10

Hier geht's zur deutschsprachigen Version / Kattints ide a magyar változathoz

In contrast to many previous winters with hardly any snow, this one was right how it should be!

The photo to the left is my personal favorite: this section of the Pesterzsébet "giant loop" in Török Flóris utca looks especially nice in snow! The other picture shows the same stop from the other side of the track.

My boots got soaked while I took these photos in Kőrösi Csoma Sándor utca (left) and at Kossuth Lajos tér (right), but I think they were worth a little suffering :)

A short video dramatising that cold evening. It seems the snow came as a surprise to the BKV, and there were some disruptions in the traffic.

I spent the hardest hours of snowfall on the Children's Railway, but these photos taken at Hűvösvölgy suggest that the snow also affected trams. Note that the Tatra double-sets were running with both pantographs up - normally one is enough.

Combinos in Irinyi József utca. I like how some snow gathers up on the "noses" of these cars - my girlfriend says this looks "cute".

Route 12 and 14 in snow-clad Újpest.

Almost bucolic settings in Rákospalota.

Route 61 from different angles.

Self-propelling and dead-tow Tatras in Krisztina körút.

A short clip of some winter tram scenes here and there.

The cog-wheel railway is now called tram line 60, but of course it's still the same - incompatible - stuff as before. It's quite nice, though.

The line and the vehicles are both badly in need of an overhaul, but that's not obvious if you see them on still pictures :)

Early morning at Határ út.

Route 3 in Kispest and Zugló.

Trolley buses are a bit neglected on my webpage, so here are two, seen at Erzsébet királyné úti aluljáró (left) and on a depot run at Hidegkúti Nándor stadion.

Left: a depot-bound tram 62 waiting for reversal at Sörgyár next to another ex-Hannover TW6000 car doing rounds on route 28. Right: tram 37 crossing Hungária körút.

A sudden snowfall in Kolozsvári utca.

Back to the other end of the city: route 61 in Villányi út and Alkotás utca.

Since the closure of line 58 in 1977, the slope at Márvány utca is the steepest climber on the tram network. Of course it's hard to spot, because it's quite short - route 59 looks steeper.

Left: tram 59 in the reversing loop at Szent János kórház. To the right: the "tunnel" at Moszkva tér.

Looking quite winterish: tram 3 at Ecseri út/Üllői út.

To the left: "Határ út" means "Border road", and the barbed wire to the left does look somewhat like the Iron Curtain :) To the right: one of the VanHool buses bought used from Belgium recently.

And again we're at Pesterzsébet.

Nagysándor József utca, terminus of route 21.

These two photos - taken in Ady Endre utca - might tell you why I love the Pesterzsébet tram lines :)

Two extremities of tram line 21: Jókai Mór utca (left) and Mester utca (right).

Tram 69 crossing Nagy Lajos király útja, and tram 41 in Bartók Béla út.

Some more Bartók Béla út.

Bihari utca, the last one-track but bidirectional section of the Budapest tramway network.

Another Tatra transported by two "Muki" shunters.

And some more Tatras at work (in Fiumei út, Salgótarjáni utca and Hungária körút). Hard to believe they are now 30 years old... and their replecament is not yet in sight!

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