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    Trams of Cologne 3.

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    This is very much like as I remembered Cologne: an old 3000-series Düwag articulated tram set (to the left) and another type of Stadtbahnwagen B (to the right), seen at Barbarossaplatz.

    This old type is on its way out: they are being sold to other places (e.g. Turkey) or being scrapped. They are uni-directional and have doors only on one side.

    Another Stadtbahnwagen B.

    Let's take a little ride to see how route 18 sets off to Bonn. At the inner section of Luxenburger Strasse the trams share the street with cars...

    ... but after that they enter their well-separated tracks with high platform stops.

    This is a very Cologne-ish ("kölnisch") picture for me: I used to love this road when I was a kid - we went by here going to Librarer See (a nice lake), Aachen (a nice city that used to have a tram system too, but not anymore), to the Netherlands, Belgium.

    On our way we can see the stub terminus of route 19 at Klettenbergpark.

    Out in the green: coupled set of unidirectional Stadtbahnwagen B cars, coupled so that there is a driver's cab on each end. This route reaches Bonn over the small city of Brühl, which is known for the amusement park Phantasialand.

    Back to the inner city: Zülpicher Platz.

    Another old Düwag car. This type looks very much like the classic austrian/german tram of the 1960-70's, but its wider, and the middle section between the articulations seems to be longer.

    The back of the Düwag car.

    This K4000 with the traditional red-white livery of the KVB (Kölner Verkehrs-Betrieb, the public transportation of the city) looks almost like as if it would be from Croydon :-)

    Another one with a more strange paintwork.

    And this one looks like an advertising banner on a webpage :-)


    We end our virtual journey with another Düwag car at Zülpicher platz. I like this type, too bad they're being dumped!

    I hope you liked my small tour...

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