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Don't expect superb quality: my digital camera can only record about 30 seconds - but at least the videos are small enough for the internet...

Remark: To save webspace, these small videos are hosted on They might take some time to load, while you might only see an empty area as a place-holder. To play the videos, you must click once on the player applet to get it activated, and then again ("PLAY"), to get it started.

Another UV video: a double-set of my favorite tramcar type runs along Jókai Mór utca in Pesterzsébet.

Pictures of the last days of the UVs in South-Pest

During the summer of 2003, a Combino low-floor tramcar of Nordhausen (Germany) payed a one-week visit to the small tramway operation in Gmunden, Austria. Here we see the tramcar (nicknamed "Bambino" for its small size) departing from the Hauptbahnhof terminus.

Two UV videos to commemorate the withdrawal of the type from the South-Pest lines 42 and 52 on 31.7.2006.

Tram 52 in the tight curve from Nagysándor József utca to Vörösmarty utca. This is probably the tightest bend in Budapest apart from the one under the Chain Bridge for route 19 and 41.

One of the last UV double-sets of route 42 turning from Ady Endre út into Tulipán utca.

Bow current collectors had had to be turned around at stub termini. There were more ways to accomplish this...

... and one of them was to pull and then turn around them sideways.

The other one was to pull them over vertically, which necessited a loose section of overhead. In Budapest, they used this method.

Two "Mukis" running on the then-unused connecting track between route 1 and 17 at Vörösvári út/Bécsi út. Quite a sight, too bad I coulnd't record the sound of it!

The tram tracks in Thököly út were rendered unusable sometime around 2004, but it was still usable prior to that (the last tram ran here in 1997). Of course the dirt, grease and rust on the rails turned a ride here into a firework. That's all gone now (the tram is to be replaced by the proposed metro line M4 running beneath the street), but the memory remains...

Budapest snow-sweeper tram on the job. Here it clears the "wrong road" track, so it throws the snow onto the other track. Normally these vehicles are used in a way that they run on the proper side and throw the white stuff to the side - i.e. outside the trackage.

PCC accelerator of a Tatra streetcar on demonstration in Szeged.

The groove of the tracks has filled up with water during a heavy rain, so the switching of the points caused a splash. Good that I was far enough from it :-)

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