M7516: DELQA Ethernet adapter

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Picture 1: The M7516 module


The M7516 DELQA is the Lance-based successor to the older M7504 DEQNA board (it's good to keep in mind that the DEQNA is not supported by VMS 5.x and above), a thin/thickwire Ethernet adapter. The module contains 32KB cache and 32KB ROM (firmware), the network cable connection is via a filtered AUI port on a patch panel insert. The cable between the DELQA and the Patch Panel is not the same as with the DEQNA.


SW1:   CSR address (closed: 17774440 (vector at 120), open: 17774460 (floating vector))
SW2:   -
SW3:   Mode setting
SW4:   Option setting
SW5:   -

As you can see, the DELQA has fixed CSR addresses. The module can operate in two modes: one is normal DELQA mode, the other is the DEQNA lock (compatibilty) mode. These can be set with SW3: if it's set to on, the board is in normal mode, if it's off, the board is DEQNA-lock mode. Depending on this, SW4 is used for different purposes.

                SW3     SW4
Normal mode      1       1      remote boot disabled
Normal mode      1       0      remote boot enabled
DEQNA-lock       0       1      sanity timer disabled
DEQNA-lock       0       0      sanity timer enable
LED diagnostics

There are three LEDs on the handle-side edge of the board. These too have different display functions in the two operating modes.

                   LED1     LED2     LED3
Normal mode         1        1        1       Unit ready
Normal mode         1        0        0       Self-test running
Normal mode         1        1        0       Loopback test
DEQNA-lock          1        1        1       Normal operation
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