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Dedicated to collectors of old Digital Equipment Corporation gear

This page is for the hobbyists and computer collectors out there. The machines and miscellanous other devices made by the late Digital Equipment Corporation (now Compaq) are perhaps the most beloved and desired items among hobbyist collectors. Hobbyists because most of this gear were made in very high numbers, so they aren't really that rare. But they're very nice to "play" with, and most of the people, who collect DEC stuff have personal memories, e.g.: they learnt programming on a PDP-11, they worked on some VAXen for years, etc. There are good sources of information about these machines out there on the Net, but specific information is sometimes hard to find. This site is my contribution to those (us, really) who have just acquired a MicroPDP-11/73 or a MicroVAX II on a surplus sale, and are now determined to use it. Please help me to make this site better - with URL's, new material, anything! Suggestions, corrections are welcome!

Note: This site is just a volunteer effort, it's not endorsed by anyone - it's not a profit-oriented site either. Most of the information is from second hand, and all of the trademarks you see here are property of their owners. Some of the material published here is not mine: I'm trying to emphasize these parts, please remind me if I left something/someeone out of the credit list! Another note: the whole site is under construction, and it will be it for a while, too...
Qbus information
    Basics - History, terminology, backplanes, device ordering, practical hints
    Systems - PDP-11, MicroVAX and other qbus systems
    Modules - Identifying a board, often seen modules
UNIBUS information
Other Digital machines
    Professional 325, 350 and 380
    Rainbow 100
    DECmate, WT78
    MicroVAX/VAXstation 2000
    MicroVAX/VAXstation 3100
Peripherals COMING SOON
    Other equipment

Sources: I learnt some of the information from various Digital handbooks (1979 PDP11 BUS HANDBOOK, 1979/80 MICROCOMPUTER PROCESSOR HANDBOOK, MicroVAX 3800 Customer Hardware Information books, the MicroVAX II Hardware Information library, etc), Emulex and Dilog catalogs
Thanks to: Antonio Carlini, Megan B. Gentry, everybody on the NetBSD/port-vax mailing list, the readers of vmsnet.pdp-11, Kees Stravers for

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