Emulex QT13


The Emulex QT13 is a 0.5" Pertec-formatted magtape coupler with switchable TSV05/TMSCP-emulation on a dual-height qbus board. Like many of the Emulex controllers designed and manufactured in mid-to-late eighties, it has rich diagnostics support. The board has two 50-pin ribbon cable connector, two switchpacks, three LEDs and a small, three-pin connector for connecting an RS232 serial terminal local diagnostics.


Switchpack 1 (SW1 on the handle-edge of the board) is for operating/diagnostics.

                      Open (OFF)     On
1:   State:           Run            Halt
2:   Mode:            Operation      Diagnostics
3:   Console select:  Onboard        Host
4:   Host type:       LSI11          MicroVAX
Switchpack 2 (SW2) is for addressing and module options.
                         Off         On   
1.   Address select #1
2.   Address select #2
3.   Address select #3
4.   Emulation:          TMSCP       TSV05
5.   Addressing:         18-bit      22-bit
Remember: you must set it to 22-bit addressing when using the card in a MicroVAX system. The drive device names are MUx and MUAx in TMSCP mode, and MSx or MSAx using TSV05 emulation.

The CSR address settings

CSR address               SW2
TSV05          TMSCP      1   2   3            
777520         774500     0   0   0
777254         760404     1   0   0
772530         760410     0   1   0
772534         760414     1   1   0
772440         760444     0   0   1
772444         760450     1   0   1
772450         760454     0   1   1
772454         760504     1   1   1
Using the firmware diagnostics on a MicroVAX system

The QT13 has a very nice, menu-driven firmware configuration/diagnostics program. It can be used through the three-pin BERG connector, and also from the LSI11 ODT or MicroVAX console emulator. To use it, you must halt the system, and make sure that it doesn't boot into an oprating system. Don't try to invoke this utility on a running system!

1. Reset or power-up the system (with halt set to enabled). SW1-1 to 4 are "off".
2. Switch SW1-4 (4th switch in switchpack 1) to "on". (Note: Take care, you're playing around in a running system: you can bend the card, tear it out from the backplane, or cause a short circuit if you're not careful!)
3. Switch SW1-3 to "on"
4. Switch SW1-2 to "on"
5. At the "chevron" prompt, enter the following:
   >>> D/P/W 20001F40 20
   >>> D/P/L 20088000 80000000
   >>> D/P/L 20088004 80000001
6. Set SW1-1 to "on", and then back to "off". The LEDs on the board should flicker.
7. At the "chevron" prompt, enter:
   >>> S 80
   >>> S 82
   on a VAXstation with graphics adapter. You're in the menu system of the firmware utility.

You can configure various parameters of the drive(s), run tests from here. The program will even tell you if the cables are reversed. Press "Halt", and set all SW1 switches back to "off" when finished.

The pin-out of the three-pin BERG connector (RS232-compatible terminal port)

Pin 1:   Signal ground, connect to pin 7 on the DB25 connector
Pin 2:   Transmit, connect to pin 2 on DB25
Pin 3:   Receive, connect to pin 3 on DB25

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